How to create a Google+ Brand Page for your hotel

As of end of 2011 you can create specific brand pages on Google+: for businesses, products or brands. So, now you can make your own Google+ page for your hotel! In addition to our other how-to’s this blog will guide you through setting up a Google+ Brand Page for your hotel. We will get back to you soon on why you should create a Google+ page for your hotel, how to use it as a marketing tool and what it means for your online reputation.


Step 1 – Get started

First, sign in to your Google account (or sign up for one first) and then head to:

You will see the following screen:

Step 2 – Pick a Category

You now have to select which category your business fits into. For an individual hotel you best choose the first option Local Business or Place. If you are creating a Google+ page for a hotel group or chain, you could probably choose the best for Company, Institution or Organisation. This page will not be connected to a specific place.


Step 3 – Add Info

The next thing to do is entering your business name and phone number. By clicking locate, Google looks if you are already listed in Google Places. Click on your hotel if Google finds it, if not: add your business straight away. Check your data and select an additional category that suits your Hotel. You then need to select who can view your Google+ profile. The default is any Google user, or you can restrict this to 18 and older or 21 and older. Finally, agree on the terms and hit create.


Step 4 – Tagline and Photo

Think of a 10-word phrase to summarize your hotel and add an image or logo of your hotel.


Step 5 – Spread the Word

Now it is time to tell your personal Google+ circles about your new business page. Circles are one of the big differences between Google+ and other Social Media like Facebook and Twitter and enables you to group certain friends, customers, suppliers etc. Watch this video for a good introduction to Google+ circles.



Step 6 – Your Google+ Brand Page

And you’re done! From here you’re good to go with your brand new Google+ page for your hotel. On your homepage Google generates a link to your Plus page. Unfortunately it is just a string of random characters and not a personalised URL. On the left side of your Brand Page you will see a Get Started button. Here you will find useful tips and tricks to promote your Google+ page. Start adding Olery to your circles for example!



For more inspiration take a look at this Top 10 Google+ Brand Pages. Good luck and have fun creating and using your Google+ Brand Page for your hotel.