How to profit from Pinterest for Business as a hotel (part 1)

We have all witnessed Pinterest claiming a space in the social media arena with the speed of light. Moreover, the virtual pinboard platform crossed the 10 million unique visitor mark faster than any other standalone site in history. Pinterest is a social network that lets you organize and share images and videos linked to the source of the image. We already knew that images are one of the major drivers of engagement on Facebook and Pinterest just thankfully used this knowledge.

Why hotels should be on Pinterest

Soon after their explosive growth we saw lots of sources reporting Pinterest was driving more traffic and sales than already established networks. Of course, this led thousands of businesses to creating a Pinterest account (including ourselves) who started sharing their goods with the ever growing user base. In addition, it appears that Pinterest users really have a buyer’s mentality when it comes to travel, making it an ideal channel for hoteliers to promote their business. In part 2 of this blogpost we will elaborate on how Pinterest can work for your hotel. Right now we will focus on their new possibilities for businesses.

Introducing Pinterest for Business

Considering the high number of businesses that joined Pinterest, it is no surprise that they recently introduced Pinterest for Business. With a new set of terms (the original one forbade commercial usage) they separated business accounts from private accounts. You can now sign up as a business or convert your existing account to one.

Advantages of a business account

Signing up as a business takes away some of the drawbacks you could have encountered using a personal account. First of all, you can specify just one business name instead of a first and a last name. It also enables you to add a verification badge to your profile (see the checkmark next to our domain). The checkmark will also show up in search results, helping people identify the business they are looking for more easily. To help you engage more with ‘pinners’ and to get more traffic back to your website you can also integrate the Pin It buttonFollow buttonProfile widget, or Board widget.

A “board widget” of our Infographics board

Infographics board
Pinterest will be adding more features as time passes and although they assured that the new features have “nothing to do with monetization or business model,” it is definitely a first step in that direction. We will leave you for now to give you some time to create and/or verify your account and will get back to you next week with some more ideas on how Pinterest can work for your hotel. In the meantime, you can have a look at their interesting case studies on how flash sale travel site Jetsetter and handmade marketplace Etsy successfully used Pinterest.

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