Find Out Which Countries in the Middle East Offer the Best Guest Experience

As every year we’re releasing our report on the guest experience in hotels located in countries across the Middle East. More than 2 million online guest reviews over the past 12 months were analyzed for the report.

Cyprus still on top

As in 2015, Cyprus is holding on to its #1 ranking among hotel customers. However, Abu Dhabi offers the best and cleanest rooms in all of the Middle East.

The report also shows that all but one country’s guest experience continued to improve in 2015. However, the rate of improvement has slowed down compared to previous years.


New this year: How different visitor segments rate

For the first time, we’ve also included ratings by different guest groups based on the public profiles of the review authors.

The report finds that European (in contrast to Middle Eastern) travelers are highly satisfied with the hotels in Egypt and that many visitors are underwhelmed by Kuwait, however business travelers seem to enjoy their stay.

Download for free

You can download the full report for free right here.


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