Introducing the Olery Hotel Review Summaries

We are happy to announce the release of this new product which uses Big Data and Sentiment Analysis to transform guest reviews into highly relevant, auto-generated content for travel websites and apps.

The travel industry is aware of the important role guest reviews play in the hotel booking process of consumers. Every party wanting to sell hotel rooms online is faced with the same two problems if they don’t want to risk losing visitors to competitors or Google:

  1. Where to get reviews from?
  2. How to present them, so that the offer a real value?

Creating valuable content

With the Hotel Review Summaries we aim to solve both problems. The engine automatically generates highly relevant content based on reviews from dozens of review sites on the web.

Peter Boermans (CPO) describes our approach like this: “Sit down an average traveler, ask them to read a hundred hotel reviews and then have them write a brief summary. Now create an engine which produces the exact same outcome.”

This is not something you build and then never touch again. We are committed to continuously enhancing it.

Olery relies on technologies such as Big Data, Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis to extract relevant data from the millions of guest reviews and ratings on the web.

Built as platform

The Hotel Review Summaries engine is built as a platform able to digest any kind of data and to turn it into a dynamic list of interesting statements in a human, hand-written style.

Right now the summaries take ratings and the analyzed review texts into account. We are evaluating which other sources the engine could tap into. Every summary gets updated at least once a day as new reviews get published.

Designed for flexibility

The advantage of the platform is that customers, who want to implement the summaries into their site or app can customize the structure and content. Statements can be filtered out, rewritten or even added making use of data the customers have about their inventory.

Why is this important? Our CEO Kim van den Wijngaard explains it: “Every booking site has unique visitor demographics. Some focus on niche segments and some have specialized inventory. There cannot be the one solution which fits every case. That is why we put so much emphasis on flexibility. ”

We believe the Hotel Review Summaries are primarily interesting for consumer-facing OTAs, deal and meta search sites and apps. We are currently considering how hotels could benefit from it as well.

More information here on our website.

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