Travel & Hospitality Awards

Olery BV has been nominated by the Travel & Hospitality Awards for 2020’s edition

Olery BV was just nominated for the for the Technology & Innovation awards programme by The Travel & Hospitality Awards.

THE TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY AWARDS is an annual celebration of excellence across all sectors of travel. The independent awards programme is an annual celebration of excellence for the best hotels, spas, restaurants and tour operators.

It’s a clearly a recognition of the Olery’s efforts to create high quality software and data for the hospitality Industry.

Recipients of Travel & Hospitality awards were scrupulously selected based on the aggregation of reviews from multiple third-party sources. Selected by a panel of experts who analyze submission material, review customer feedback and compare each entrant on their given specialty, each winner is awarded for the details that make them distinct.

For more details on Travel & Hospitality awards, go to


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