Olery Reputation now provides detailed ratings for 40+ categories

There are dozens of booking and review sites which allow guests to publish hotel reviews. Since most use unique sets of ratings, this results in hundreds of rating, too many to keep track and make sense of.

Introducing the new Ratings page

There is an unfeasable amount of different ratings for hotel managers. Some sites might ask about the room in general, while others also let the traveler rate the bathroom, bed or sleeping quality. That’s why we have added the all-new Ratings page to Olery Reputation.

On this new overview hundreds of different ratings are consolidated in about 40 unique subratings which are aggregated into 9 distinct topics.

How does this work?

If a review site lets the user rate the quality of the bed and another asks how comfortable was the bed?, we merge both ratings into bed. The average of all bed, bathroom and other room-related ratings onstitutes the Room rating.

This way user can get a quick overview, while not missing out on any details.


Interested in all the ratings for your hotel? Sign up for a free trial.


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