Olery Review Data API now includes Sentiment & Traveler Data

Last October the Olery Hotel Review Data API was announced. Since then we have experienced a lot of interest in structured, real-time performance data on hotels worldwide. Now the time has come to give the API the first major overhaul and to introduce a couple of exciting new features. Let’s dive into it.

Streamlined handling

With these changes the API is officilay updated to Version 2. Current users will be happy to learn that we have greatly improved the structure of the available API routes. Additionally, the output is now consistent across all endpoints.

Please have a look at the post on the Olery Developer Portal for details.

Sentiment Data

Every captured review moves through a pipeline of analytical tools. One of the core steps is Natural Language Processing (NLP). This is where the text of the reviews gets examined. We identify topics the traveler mentions as well as the sentiment of their opinions.

With version 2 you can now receive sentiment data on dozens of specific topics such as bed linen or the internet connection. This is only the beginning, over the next months we want to introduce new endpoints in this field.

Traveler Demographics

Another area of focus for this update was demographic data about the travelers who write reviews. This information is extracted from the profiles on the review sites. Many API endpoints allow you to filter the dataset based on these attributes:

  • Country of origin
    This what the traveler states as origin. We take city names into account and map them to the right countries.
  • Travel type
    This indicates whether the reviewer traveled for business or leisure.
  • Travel composition
    This defines the context of the trip (e.g. solo, with family etc.).

If you interested in working with the Olery Review Data API, please get in touch.

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