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#TravelTuesday Roundup: TripAdvisor TripConnect

Today’s #TravelTuesday Roundup is all about TripAdvisor’s brand new TripConnect: the platform that allows independent hotels, that have a TripAdvisor Business Listings subscription, to drive direct traffic to their website by bidding to appear alongside the bigger OTAs in their Hotel Price Comparison search. The cost-per-click auction works just like

Hotel visuals - doha skyline

Do your visuals make your hotel visible?

It is no longer news. Both Expedia and TripAdvisor have recently released reports stating that compelling photos and videos are beneficial to your marketing. Moreover, more is apparently better! Both reports support drastically increasing the numbers of photos and videos that you post. Expedia says if you you double the number

New olery headquarters

We have moved to a new headquarters!

Although we were quite attached to the office where we started the Olery adventure, the time was ripe to move from our cozy startup attic to a real grown up office. We are happy to announce that we have moved to a new headquarters. Meet the new Olery HQ! Our

#TravelTuesday Roundup- Cultural rating differences and Google Carousel

#TravelTuesday Roundup: Cultural rating differences and Google Carousel

Time for our #TravelTuesday Roundup! Our selection of last week’s must-reads if you are in travel and want to stay up-to-date on social media and online reputation developments. Cross-country differences in hotel guest satisfaction A new study from Cornell University addresses differences across countries. Americans provide the highest ratings; guests from