Sentiment Analysis in Hospitality: Creating a Decision-Making tool for partners

Analysing #Sentiment is the technique to discover the unique untouched pool of information Written Reviews. Sentiment Analysis – Olery Sentiment Technology allows partners to set the standard for Hospitality Reputation Data as it provides access to an untouched pool of information (Written Reviews)

Olery partners know that the power of machine learning, to predict that a dataset created tailor-made for will bring the best results

Creating a new sentiment rating system (1-10) Olery has moved sentiment from being a scary unactionable source of information to being an integral part of #Hospitality #Reputation #Data. Sentiment Analysis is the future industry standard of data collection within the Hospitality Industry.

business hand clicking customer reviews on virtual screen interface

•Identify trends based on keywords – (Act on potential problems quicker)
•Vertical Specific – #Accommodations, #Restaurants and #Attractions gain an immense amount of new actionable insights.
•Flexibility to create your own Sentiment Ratings – Sustainable Travel, why not track your progress by monitoring keywords let in written reviews.
•Provides more insight and flexibility than numerical ratings. Let your guest openly write their experience and then analyse, rather than have them rate a predefined area.
•Mapped to Traditional Numerical Ratings. This allows for the very first time an easy to combine holistic view. Combine cleanliness, Numerical and Sentiment ratings for unparalleled insights.
•Native Language analysis on 15+ languages – English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

We know that the need for recent and relevant review data is key.

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