Successful Travel Hackathon

Monday June 30th  we from Olery organised the first Travel Hackathon at Casa 400 in Amsterdam in cooperation with the OpeNER project for natural language processing.

The hackathon gathered around 40 software engineers, linguists, researchers, designers and entrepreneurs eager to learn more about OpeNER and the Olery Review Data API and share their knowledge with others. The goal of the Hackathon was to create an event that would be interesting to both experts and novices alike.  So we started with a presentation about OpeNER and Olery to bring all attendees up to speed before getting started.

Soon many ideas were floating around and teams started to come together. In the end three teams were awarded and the winner was team JapaNER which created Japanese Sentiment Analysis for OpeNER.

“If someone said at the start of the OpeNER project “you’d be able to hack Japanese into it within a day” you wouldn’t believe it. Yeah, that’s what happened.”

Vincent Ulmer, Infinese & Team JapaNER

Summaries of the other six team presentations are below.

You can come up with a lot of ideas using both OpeNER and the Olery Review Data API. Execution is what matters. If you have an idea and want to work with us, drop us a line and let’s talk business:

We will have more hackathons. To get notified when the next one is on join the Travel Tech Meetup.

A big “thank you” to everyone who participated and Casa 400 for this great day and  we hope to see you soon on one of the Travel Tech events.

Team JapaNER – Japanese Sentiment Analysis

Japanese is the 4th most common language online and team JapaNER took the opportunity to add the language to OpeNER. They started with no expectations about how far they could go in just one day but were surprised with the results. In the end they were able to analyse Japanese reviews and detect positive and negative statements.

Team Woof – Dog Satisfaction Index

What happens, if you want to go on holiday, but don’t want to keep your beloved dog at home? Which hotels are best for you and your dog? Using the Olery Review API and OpeNER to analyse the sentiment of reviews concerning dogs, this team developed a Dog Satisfaction Index. It takes into account direct mentions in reviews as well as third party information about the area and for example distance to the next park. This model can be transferred to lots of other specific travel needs.

Team TweetNER – Name Entity Recognition in Tweets

This hackathon team came with a prepared dataset of tweets which they wanted to analyse with the OpeNER tools. By the end of the day they were able to analyse the Tweets and detect entities and give them out in a list.

Team Globetrotter – Where Spanlians tend to go?

The main question of this team was: Where did Spanish and Italian people travel in the last couple of years? By analysing reviews of both countries the team discovered that in 2006 Spaniens traveled further away, including trips to the United States and South America. In 2009, probably due to the economical crisis, travelers stayed mostly in Spain or Italy. Showing the results on a heat map, the Team provided an interesting perspective of the economic crisis.

Team Hotspots

The goal for this team was to improve tools for hotels by detecting hotspots in their online reviews. With a dynamic approach to reviews and how to find out about specific topics that are often mentioned, positive or negative,  they were able to show how to get the most out of OpeNER.

Team World Cup

With over 300 million tweets already, the world cup is one of the most talked about events on Twitter. This inspired one team to create a mood map for all the Tweets about the World Cup. By analysing the sentiment of the tweets they created an interactive map which displays the mood in countries all over the world during a game.

Team Rooftopping

Maarten from cityshare & Gernott from tripREBEL really like rooftops. In fact, they just want to stay in hotels with a great rooftop. Team Rooftop wanted to create an application to present the best rooftops in Amsterdam. After some research they discovered there are only two hotels with a rooftop in Amsterdam which makes the decision where to go quite easy, but also limits the usefulness of their idea. Maarten and Gernot decided to join Team Globetrotter and to support them.


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