#TravelTuesday Roundup: Social Media Hotels & Google+ Engagement Strategy

Happy #TravelTuesday everybody! Lots of social media news in our weekly roundup of the most compelling articles we have come across last week. Keep up-to-date on developments around OTAs, review sites, hospitality industry, and social media on our blog!

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How to Write a Google+ Engagement Strategy for your Hotel in No Time

Now Google+ is of increasing importance in search results hotels have to start engaging with guests on their Google+ pages. Are Morch wrote a handy guide for hotels to get your strategy up an running in no time!

This is how your hotel can go viral on Social Media

Be hospitable and fulfill all of your guests’ needs… This is what a Houston based hotel did when they fulfullied an unusual request from one of its customers. When booking a stay at the property, one of its guests had filled out the “comments or special request” field by asking for three individual M&Ms candy pieces and for a photo of bacon. Read what happened.

The first ever “Twitter Experience” hotel

The innovative @SolWaveHouse, located in the beach of Magaluf (Mallorca), becomes the first ever “twitter experience hotel” in the world. A virtual community called#SocialWave, only available from the hotel’s wifi, to which clients can access from their mobile device, registering with their twitter accounts is the center of this experience. Two Twitter Concierges are devoted exclusively to meet guest requests via Twitter and generate conversation in this virtual community, acting as a link between all of them. Every corner of the hotel is designed to engage in a new conversation.

Positive Reviews and Staff Interaction Key to Guest Satisfaction, Finds Study

Travelers that research hotel reviews during the booking process are among the happiest hotel guests, according to the hotel satisfaction study released by J.D. Power. The seven percent of respondents that based their hotel choice off review sites reported satisfaction rates 144 points higher than travelers that did not scour the web before booking. Respondents that chose hotel rooms based on price alone were slightly less satisfied than their peers.

GM has responded to 696 traveler reviews

Watch this GM who writes a management response for every single review that is published on TripAdvisor. His guests tell him that his engagement with travelers is a significant part of their decision to book at his property.

Have a great week ahead!

Image (cc): Angie Torres

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