#TravelTuesday Roundup- Travel technology and user reviews

#TravelTuesday Roundup: Travel technology and user reviews

Back again with our selection of must-reads of the past 7 days: the Olery #TravelTuesday Roundup!

Technology takeaways from the hospitality industry

A new survey sheds light on how hotels and restaurants are engaging their guests through technology tools. What can associations learn from the trends, and how can they keep up?

A brief history of travel technology

It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention – and we need look no further than the travel industry to see this proverb in practice. Since the beginning of recorded history, the travel and hospitality industries have faced challenges. Yet many of these challenges still exist even today. Travel technology has changed over the years driven primarily by the stakeholders most affected by the use of the technology. Tnooz extinguishes four distinct stages dating from the 1400s to the present day.

TripAdvisor’s New Metasearch Is Falling Short of Expectations

TripAdvisor expects to take the “hardest hit” of the year in the third quarter as it works the kinks out of its new hotel-metasearch product. Meanwhile, TripAdvisor is in the “test re-test” phase of its first advertising campaign, which kicked off in nine test markets in June. The campaign appears to have been somewhat aborted, although TripAdvisor denies it, says Skift.

How Hoteliers Can Encourage Guests to Write More Positive Reviews

The owners of a small hotel in the German highlands next to Frankfort were depressed: A hotel guest had left unsatisfied. Well, this can happen – but it caused even more trouble: the inlsulted customer did not communicate his resentment and possible grounds directly to them (they still guess whether it was the matrace). Find out what the hotel should had done.

Doing business online: The how, why and when of user reviews

An annual Consumer Review Survey, which looks at the how, why and when consumers search for, and interact with, local businesses found a sea change in how consumers are using the Internet to search for businesses – and how user reviews are increasingly taking the trusted place of personal recommendations in users’ determinations on what businesses to frequent.

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