#TravelTuesday Roundup: TripAdvisor TripConnect

Today’s #TravelTuesday Roundup is all about TripAdvisor’s brand new TripConnect: the platform that allows independent hotels, that have a TripAdvisor Business Listings subscription, to drive direct traffic to their website by bidding to appear alongside the bigger OTAs in their Hotel Price Comparison search. The cost-per-click auction works just like Google AdWords. Below you will find some great articles that explain the platform and its impact on your business.

Introducing TripConnect: A Powerful New Way to Maximize Direct Bookings

Read what TripAdvisor themselves have to say about their latest feature. An FAQ page that answers all of your question on what theere the benefits of TripConnect and how you can use it.

12 questions about TripAdvisor TripConnect

Do you own a hotel or B&B and you’re not comfortable with technology and digital marketing, then read this blog post on Tnooz. They answer 12 questions about TripAdvisor TripConnect you were too embarrassed to ask. A guide to TripConnect for dummies.

Hotels expected to convert well on TripAdvisor TripConnect

Independent hotels and B&Bs are expected to enjoy a competitive edge on conversion over OTAs in TripAdvisor’s TripConnect service says Jean-Charles Lacoste, vice-president direct connect solutions, on Travolotion.

TripAdvisor’s will bring in small hotels like never before

Read Skift’s take on the new TripConnect. It is a really big deal that TripAdvisor will now enable that vast long-tail of smaller properties to participate and vie for direct bookings.

Five reasons TripAdvisor TripConnect will rob Google of hotel ad spend

Hotels will shift a portion of their online search marketing budgets from Google to TripAdvisor’s new TripConnect, according to Craig Stewart of FreeToBook on Tnooz. The internet booking engine, a certified provider of TripAdvisor‘s TripConnect service, shares their vision on how it will compete against Google.

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