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28 sep 2022

About VisitBrabant
VisitBrabant is the marketing organization of destination Brabant. We show what Brabant has to offer for residents, for national and international visitors. So that entrepreneurs, regions, cities and villages, nature, culture and events get the attention and the visitors they deserve. To achieve this, VisitBrabant develops B2C campaigns, but VisitBrabant also focuses on strengthening the marketing power of Brabant leisure entrepreneurs. Among other things, by offering practical services and, for example, by sharing knowledge through meetings and master classes.

Using review sites as a marketing channel
About 5 years ago, the rise of reviews was enormous. That is why VisitBrabant organized a master class for Brabant entrepreneurs (attractions and museums, accommodation, catering) on ​​this subject. During this session and other contacts with entrepreneurs, it turned out that there was little knowledge about review management among leisure entrepreneurs. “We don't do reviews”, said an entrepreneur during one of our masterclasses, which was the trigger for us to develop a knowledge program about review management. After all, review sites are a (usually free) marketing channel with a lot of impact on potential guests, and therefore a missed opportunity if 'our' Brabant entrepreneurs do not handle this optimally.

Olery as a cooperation partner
Our review management knowledge program is aimed at increasing knowledge about (the importance of) review management and at stimulating entrepreneurs to get started with this subject. We were looking for a partner with a lot of knowledge about review management, who could work with us to achieve this goal. Olery turned out to be exactly this party. Together we developed a dashboard with the review data from more than 600 locations in Brabant, from which tailor-made reports could be sent to our partners on a monthly basis. Olery is a party that, on the one hand, is an expert in its field, and at the same time flexibly contributed to how we could achieve our objective of stimulating review management at leisure locations in Brabant.

Together we put Brabant on the map
We have already achieved a lot in this area, and we will continue to focus on review management. So that entrepreneurs present themselves optimally to the potential guest: through their own channels, through our channels and through other relevant marketing channels such as review sites. This is how we put Brabant on the map together.

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