Why You Should Incorporate Vine Hotel Twitter Strategy

Why You Should Incorporate Vine into your Hotel’s Twitter Strategy

Why would hotels use 6-second looped Vine in their marketing, when 15-second Instagram video is also available? The fact is, whichever one you choose, they each have different functions and you may use either depending upon what you want to accomplish. According to Statistic Brain, humans have an attention span of an average of 8 seconds – lower than that of a goldfish!  While we do not know how this latter was measured, what we do know is that very short videos such as Vine, with a mere 6 seconds, are working well. Very well!

Another, perhaps less tongue-in-cheek measurement, from shows that 20% of viewers have abandoned videos by the 10-second mark and 35% by the 30-second mark. Given that high rate of click away, if you are planning to use video for your marketing – and you should – then you want to catch your viewers’ attention right from the beginning.


Vine was launched by Twitter in January 2013. Now, barely 7 months later, it has more than 13 million users – and much of that was accomplished on iPhone and iPad, prior to the June launch to Android users. Vine was the most downloaded App at the Apple App store in April of this year. Despite Vine video’s very short life, Twitter intends it to help users reach new audiences and expand interaction. Though Vine is a Twitter tool, it provides a direct link to enable posting on Facebook, and Twitter has plans to link to more social media sites, making its potential reach endless.

In the case of your hotel, you could follow up with your leads, sending them an appealing Vine video, and starting a conversation that could lead to a quick conversion.

Don’t Make it complicated

You cannot do a full production in 6 seconds, so use Vine to create small moments that will present a taste of something bigger.  Think of Vine videos as small windows looking into the life of your hotel.

You will want to make these micro-videos spontaneous and delightful.  You could use the following examples :

  • The daily weather report – pop outside in the morning and take a Vine video of the weather
  • A young person jumping from the high diving board in your outdoor pool. This one could be particularly amusing because the ‘jumper’ will continuously arrive back at the top board given the looping function of the video.
  • Previews of a coming event – such as decorating for Christmas or another festive day.
  • A quick glimpse behind the scenes in your hotel
  • A welcome message to incoming guests

Use your imagination and you will come up with many more!

How to measure Vine’s Success

Vine has its own individual statistics aside from Twitter, and you may count Vine’s own unique numbers and growth of followers. Use #hashtags – not in your Vine video, but in your accompanying Twitter copy.  These #hashtags are then trackable on Twitter. You can search for #hashtags of specific vine videos.

Count the numbers and growth of:

  • Tweets
  • Impressions, and
  • People reached

So Vine can be used to great effect in countless ways and your imagination and creativity are your only limitations. If it does not work on 6 second Vine, go to 15-second Instagram video. If neither meets your goal, take longer video – but use whatever works for you. Just remember, the only other limitation is your viewer’s attention span!

Hollywood & Vines: Airbnb’s short film made entirely of Vines

“Hollywood & Vines” is a project from Airbnb and is entirely shot on Vine. In four days they asked Twitter uses from all around the world to share their six seconds of a travel story. Watch the result of that global experiment, featuring 100 Vines, below.

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