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Reputation Management Dashboard & Reports Offer

Olery Reputation Dashboard & Reports Pricing

  • 250 Euros Per month
  • Includes - Reputation Management Dashboard, Standard Monthly Report, Freemium Survey Solution - QR Code

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Features that will enhance your online reputation

Sentiment over time

Translate words into numbers. Through a sentiment analysis, it is possible to find out what feeling a guest has in a text, without giving a rating. The review is analyzed in the original language and rated based on the content they write about you.

Destination Insights

Monitor your destination using high-level KPIs and benchmarks tailored to your needs. The Traveller Experience Score (TES) combines sentiment and numerical ratings for key areas like attractions, restaurants, and accommodations, offering a comprehensive view based on actual traveller experiences.

Ratings over time

Get an overview of your ratings based on channels within the different grade areas. You also get a clear statistical curve over the whole year where you can follow different grade areas such as e.g. service, location or cleanliness.

Competitor Ratings

Get an overview of your chosen competitors. See your competitors ratings online in the categories such as value, location and cleanliness.

What drives visitors

Get deeper Insights into your destination's inline Reputation. Categories allow you to see the types of cuisines and attractions visitors like and dislike at your destination.


Who are your guests? Categorize your guests based on which country they are traveling from, language, purpose of travel and who they traveled with. Get a good overview of your customer group and their rating of their stay.


Key Benefits Include:

Targeted Improvements: Easily pinpoint areas that need enhancement to elevate visitor satisfaction.

Enhanced Engagement: Encourage proactive interaction with travelers by responding to their feedback, both positive and negative, to boost your destination's appeal.

Insightful Patterns: Identify trends in traveler feedback to fine-tune your offerings and stay ahead of the competition.

Expert Analysis: Benefit from our analytical consulting to make informed decisions based on robust data.

Customized Solutions: Receive tailored data services that cater specifically to your needs.

Visual Data Interpretation: Utilize our intuitive data visualization tools to clearly see and understand the metrics that matter.

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