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Make Use of Millions of Reviews Published Across the Web

Hotel review management

Ratings are often used to classify hotels, restaurants, attractions or other proporties according to their quality. It provides potential new clients insights in what can be expected. Today ratings have expanded into a focus on the experience. In the industry people also use words as ‘grading’, ‘classification’ or ‘review’. A good Rating includes details so other clients/visitors get a good understanding about the property. It is really important that both positive, negative or so-so experience are shard. Analyzing ratings left by your clients/visitors, helps your property to understand overall customer satisfaction, as they can provide your business with feedback regarding what your customers truly want. 

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Review Content

Publish review content & ratings on your travel website/app

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Data Integration

Add reviews and review data to your application

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Review Analytics

Take advantage of user generated review data in your business

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Reputation Management

Manage your online reputation and send out personalized surveys

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Review Content API

Reviews are an essential part of the travel booking experience for most customers. With Olery’s API you get access to up-to-date review content about hotels, attractions, restaurants and retail worldwide.

The information is gathered and aggregated from millions of real guest reviews on multiple platforms. With the help of Natural Language Processing technology we know what guests write about and what their opinions are.


  • ratings in many categories (service, rooms, location etc.)
  • sentiment data for many topics (breakfast, staff, shower etc.)
  • Review Summaries, dynamically generated textual content
  • nearby attractions overview
  • ready-to-go widget

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Review Feed API

Expand your business by implementing review and reputation management features into your existing hospitality software or create completely new product.

Olery makes it a breeze by providing a reliable feed of reviews to populate your application with. This way you don’t have to deal with acquiring reviews from various online sources.


  • reviews in structured format
  • with ratings, comments & reviewer details
  • frequent updates
  • sentiment data extracted with Natural Language Processing
  • current hotel rankings on major platforms

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