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14 jun 2024

Sentiment analysis has become an essential tool in the hospitality industry, transforming the way businesses understand and respond to customer feedback. By leveraging the power of Olery's advanced sentiment analysis technology, hospitality professionals can gain actionable insights into guest experiences, enabling them to improve service quality and enhance guest satisfaction.

The Power of Sentiment Analysis

At its core, sentiment analysis involves examining written reviews to determine the emotional tone behind them. This technology can identify whether mentions of specific topics, such as facilities or service, are positive or negative. However, while Olery's sentiment analysis can indicate the overall polarity of guest opinions, it doesn't automatically extract detailed insights behind each sentiment. Instead, it provides a comprehensive view of customer sentiment, allowing businesses to identify key areas of improvement and success.

Applications in the Hospitality Industry

  1. Enhancing Guest Experience: By analysing sentiment data from various sources like Booking.com, TripAdvisor, and Google, hospitality managers can pinpoint what guests love and what needs improvement. For instance, if many guests mention the cleanliness of rooms positively, this can be highlighted as a selling point. Conversely, if the sentiment around food quality is negative, it signals a need for immediate attention.
  2. Improving Service Quality: Understanding guest feedback through sentiment analysis helps in refining services. For example, if reviews frequently mention long wait times at check-in negatively, management can investigate and streamline the check-in process, ensuring a smoother experience for future guests.
  3. Strategic Decision-Making: Sentiment analysis provides valuable insights that can inform strategic decisions. For instance, if data shows a growing trend of guests valuing eco-friendly practices, a hotel might consider enhancing its sustainability initiatives to attract more environmentally conscious travellers.
  4. Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis: Olery's sentiment analysis allows hospitality businesses to benchmark their performance against competitors. By comparing sentiment scores across similar properties, businesses can identify their strengths and weaknesses relative to their competitors, providing a clear path for improvement.

Olery's Sentiment Analysis Capabilities

Olery's sentiment analysis technology, particularly Sentiment V2, stands out with its ability to analyse millions of reviews in multiple languages. This robust system captures both positive and negative sentiments related to specific hospitality aspects such as room quality, cleanliness, and service. The technology then translates these sentiments into a numerical score, making it easier to understand and act upon the #feedback.

The system supports numerous languages, including Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and Simplified Chinese, in addition to English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian​​. This extensive language support ensures that sentiment analysis can accurately reflect the diverse experiences of international guests.

Benefits of Using Olery's Solutions

  1. Comprehensive Data Collection: Olery collects review data from over 50 review sites globally, ensuring a wide range of feedback sources​​. This extensive data collection helps businesses get a holistic view of their online reputation.
  2. Customizable Surveys: Olery's survey solutions allow businesses to create tailored surveys to gather specific guest feedback​​. These surveys can be designed to include sentiment analysis, providing deeper insights into guests' experiences.
  3. Detailed Reports and Analytics: The reputation management dashboard offers detailed reports and analytics, helping businesses track their performance over time. Users can monitor key metrics like overall sentiment, numerical ratings, and specific mentions across various categories​​.


Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool for the hospitality industry, offering deep insights into guest experiences and preferences. By using Olery's advanced sentiment analysis technology, hospitality businesses can enhance service quality, make informed strategic decisions, and ultimately, improve guest satisfaction. Embrace sentiment analysis today and unlock the potential of guest feedback to drive your business forward.


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