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Tourism Boards

Tourism Boards

A tourist board is an official organization that encourages travelers to visit their city, country, or region. Their mission includes the planning and implementation of a common strategy.

A tourist board is a not for profit organisation that is usually government owned. Some of their duties may include:

  • Conducting market research
  • Analysis and appraisal of tourism business in the area

Tourism boards were very much interested in the insights from Olery for the visitors to their region (nationalities, travel composition, overal rating, positive / negative sentiment topics etc) In particular in a benchmark with competing regions. For example in the case off destination x: They want to focus more on Asian travellers, and in particular not the bag packers, but the tourists that would love to have a more “high end” experience in 4-5 star hotels. Data can help gain more insights…”how do these people rate, what do they write about in comments, when traveling to 3-5 star hotels when traveling to destinations x or alternative destinations. 

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