Review Analytics

Draw Insights From Traveler Experiences

Reviews – Treasure Hospitality Data

Day by day visitors write countless reviews about hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, attractions and activities on the internet. Aggregated they hold valuable insights: Popularity of destinations, strengths and weaknesses of businesses, visitor preferences, trends and more.


Analyze Businesses

Our reports & online tools tell at a glance how satisfied with hotels or restaurants guest are.

Analyze Destinations

Explore strengths and weaknesses of  travel destinations, from neighborhood to country.

Analyze Travelers

Learn more about the travelers. Where do they come from? What are their preferences?


Realtime Online Dashboard

Olery offers a comprehensive and interactive online research tool. This dashboard provides all available data in realtime and even let’s you drill down to the level of individual hotels, restaurant, attraction or other accommodation. 

Reports, Data Exports & API

Receive monthly reports with the details you want to track. Make use of data exports or integrate with our API.



Numeric ratings in various categories like “cleanliness” or “value”.


Counts of positive/negative opinions for up to 40 topics like “lobby” or “noise”.

Reviewer Profiles

Country of origin and travel composition like “family” or “business”.

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Banks & Real Estate

Analyze assets and locations by what visitors and guests think and how they rate.

Destination Marketing
 Get input from visitors without conducting expensive surveys. Identify trends and preferences. Help the reputation of low-scoring businesses.
Hospitality Groups / Chains

Base your decision on data right from your guests. Receive periodical reports or conduct in-depth analyze on your properties and competitors.

Hospitality Suppliers

Reviews reveal a lot about a property: Where beds are old, where rooms are outdated or housekeeping needs help. Use data to identify prospects and boost your business. 


Conduct research based on large, structured data sets on hotels, restaurants and attractions worldwide.

Tourist Authorities

Monitor your destination based on ratings from millions of travelers. Identify under- and over-performing businesses. Increase your overall reputation. Benchmark with other destinations.