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Holiday Park

Managing the Online World in One Location. Olery Collects data from 40 + Online review sites and compiles the analytics and reviews into one easier to use Reputation Management Dashboard. Respond to reviews directly from within the Dashboard. Access Olery Sentiment Ratings and Analytical data based on your own visitors experiences and have the key to better customer solutions.

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HMMH Consulting

“ Olery dashboard offered insightful findings from day one on how destinations are viewed by customers from different countries, and which channels the customers prefer. As part of the destination knowledge management development, the Dashboard and Insights offer an important view especially to restaurants and attractions, where there is no other current data available. With international travel returning we now follow the key market development timely before official statistics are available. Sentiment analysis for destination and for properties give a valuable snapshot on areas to focus for further research and development.“

Hanna Lak, owner, HMMH Consulting


Olery helps us to monitor guest feedback. Reviews are collected in a dashboard which makes it easy to reply to reviews and to compare properties. We also use Olery to send out a survey after stay and all collected data is used for monthly reporting to continuously improve our product and service level. - Yvonne, Marketing, Stayokay Hostels. "

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Customer Feedback


Our cabins, scattered across various trails, receive guests with varied expectations and experiences. While we continuously strive to provide optimal services, collecting, managing, and interpreting feedback from various online platforms and direct communications proved to be a daunting task. We needed a centralized and intelligent solution to gather and analyze this invaluable data, enabling us to comprehensively understand our guests' sentiments and experiences, subsequently enhancing our offerings and addressing any potential issues.

Solution with Olery:

Upon engaging with Olery and implementing their data collection and analysis solutions, we observed a pivotal change in our approach to handling and learning from guest feedback.

With the structured and intelligent data received from Olery, our nature park operations witnessed a significant improvement in guest satisfaction, evident from the enhanced reviews and repeated bookings.

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This is why!

Online bookings are a key revenue driver for accommodations within the Hospitality industry. Managing the reviews and be aware of how visitors experience the hotel are now more important than ever before. With Olery Reputation Management Dashboard, the ability to analyse key discussions points, our guests comments enables the experience to always be delivered as promised. Monitoring Reputation per source keeps you up the rankings for visibility for potential bookings. That is pure business intelligence!