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Your destination, Your experiences, Our data - Challenging the hospitality industry by bringing analysed data to the industries decision making.


Manage and learn from your online reviews from multiple sites in one easy to use Reputation Management Dashboard. Access Olery Sentiment Ratings and Analytics to give you deeper insights into the Service, Food Sanitary safety etc.


Manage and learn from your online reviews from multiple sites in one easy to use Reputation Management Dashboard. Access Olery Sentiment Ratings and Analytics to give you deeper insights into the Entertainment Value, Ticket Office, Entertainers etc.


Manage your online reviews from multiple booking sites in one easy to use Reputation Management Dashboard. Access Olery Sentiment Ratings and Analytics to give you the insights to make you stand out in your destination.


Gain Insights from your Destination Online Reviews. Accessing our worldwide coverage, you can understand your key markets opinion of your destination. With Olery Sentiment Ratings you unleash the hidden data in your destination written reviews.

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Why choose Olery?

  1. Over 2.5 billion Reviews
  2. Reliable data provider
  3. Extensive database with more than 8 Million properties
  4. Native Language sentiment Analysis in 15 languages including Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Finnish etc
  5. Insights into Key Markets and benchmark against your competitors.
  6. Hospitality DataSets bring worldwide review data to your fingertips
  7. Innovate and Grow based on your Visitors Experiences.
  8. Predictive data analytics
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There's more!

Our robust predictive analytics and ai data analysis tools ensure cities and their enterprises are always ahead of the curve. As leaders in analytical consulting, we provide more than just data; we offer actionable insights. Insights that can elevate a city's tourism industry to new heights, driving positive change and sustainable growth.

"Olery is hands down one of the best companies we have ever worked with. Their system does everything it claims to plus some. Their API docs are top notch and support is incredible. Getting started was easy and scaling with them as our demands grow has been a breeze. We're looking forward to using them for years". - 'R. Silver, founder of company in hospitality space'

"Olery helps us to monitor guest feedback. Reviews are collected in a dashboard which makes it easy to reply to reviews and to compare properties. We also use Olery to send out a survey after stay and all collected data is used for monthly reporting to continuously improve our product and service level". - 'Yvonne, Marketing, Stayokay Hostels'.

“ Olery dashboard offered insightful findings from day one on how destinations are viewed by customers from different countries, and which channels the customers prefer. As part of the destination knowledge management development, the Dashboard and Insights offer an important view especially to restaurants and attractions, where there is no other current data available.“ - 'Hanna Lak, owner, HMMH Consulting'

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Destination Insights for Destinations & Tourism Authorities

Do you want to know how competing destinations are seen by their visitors? Do you want to increase the number of tourist? Do you want to find ways to make your destination stand out and increase revenue? Do you want to know what target regions are for tourists?

Get insightful data, act smarter and create more value for your guests. Make data-driven business decisions for your destination. Know your competing destinations as seen by their visitors. Make your destination stand out and target new regions for tourists.

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Sentiment Analysis

The most Advanced Sentiment Analysis Technology within the Hospitality Industry. Extracting key data from millions of written reviews in 15 native languages , unlocking new data points for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality DataSets

Unlocking over 2 billion reviews from around the world and multiple review sites. Olery Hospitality Datasets enables a worldwide coverage of Travel Experiences at Country, Regional, City level for mutiple types of Hospitality Properties.

Traveller experience score

Uniting the Numerical Ratings and Sentiment Analysis, Olery enables you to gain an easy to understand Traveller Experience Score on key indicators of your destination. Understand the holisitic Reputation with Data ectracted directly from written reviews.

Sustainable Travel Rating

World's first Sentiment based Sustainable Travel Rating. (Based on Olery Sentiment Analysis) The Sustainable Travel Rating is looking for Keywords covering the following 3 statements. Compensating the act of the Travel - Re-wilding, Carbon offset etc, Acts in accordance to a best practice environmentally - Recycling, Plastic Free etc, Local Community Impact - Over-tourism etc. Track the evolution of your Destination to a sustainable Destination.


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