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Review Mining

There are countless travel and booking sites which encourage travellers to write hotel, restaurant or attraction reviews. Some of these sites are international, while others cater to a local audience. Every day hundreds of thousands of reviews get published.

Olery scans 40+ review sites daily for new reviews. Collecting and storing them through various technologies in near real-time. We call this system the Olery Data Platform. Do you need applications, reports, our API or SDK? Make use of it.

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Hospitality DataSets

Olerys Hospitality DataSets is a vast collection of monitored properties packaged in a series of regional selections ranging from a couple of countries to entire continents. The global selection totals above 1.5 million individual properties.

By a careful selection process we are able to provide statistically significant data for your destination, either to analyse in itself or to compare yourself against as a benchmark.

The selection is made from picking 30% of the properties from the Olery inventory. The base criteria in this selection is that the properties have to be active and be receiving reviews. After that the selection goes through different levels,. It is picked from the country level, city level, property type and category.

This method ensures a wide range of properties included in the Hospitality DataSets as well as an accurate representation of a region.

The Hospitality DataSets are regularly reviewed for quality assurance purposes and receive a yearly update with relevant properties added.

Sentiment Ratings

Olery Sentiment Analysis Technology has gone through a fundamental rebuild and Sentiment V2 is our latest and most advanced Sentiment Analysis Technology.

Sentiment V2 analyses millions of reviews in multiple native languages. It detects the positive and negative sentiment towards specific Hospitality related Ratings, for example - Room and Personnel.

Native Language Coverage, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish And Finnish.

Sentiment V2, converts the captured sentiment into an easy to understand numerical score out of 10. The Ratings are lined up with the Numeral Rating system, Cleanliness, Facilities etc. This allows the Fusion of Sentiment and Numerical data for the first time within the Hospitality Industry. Capturing deeper and more translatable information.

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Why choose Olery?

  1. largest reputation data database with more than 7 million hospitality properties
  2. Sentiment analysis supporting 15 languages, industry granularity for the travel vertical
  3. API first strategy, enabling our partners to create business critical information and solutions
  4. IP to the lexicons of the unique Sentiment Ratings and Sub-Ratings