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Understanding your visitors is key to keeping the experience unique. With Olery Sentiment Ratings and Destination Fundaments & Advanced Dashboards, you gain those customer insights from your own visitors experiences. Empowering you to improve the Experience with help of data visualization.

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We tasked ourselves to promote a need of community and cooperation with our Destinations Local Hospitality Business. To pro-actively growing our Destinations awareness of the need to work as a community in regards to the online Reputation, we chose Olery Destination Advanced product as it gave insights into local business in areas of improvements and the high level KPIs of our Destination and key Markets. Understanding how they viewed each Attraction, what food was most popular. Olery Sustainable Travel Rating has also given us insights into our sustainability as a Destination. Awareness and adoption of best practices as a community helps build a sustainable hospitality community and Olery Destination Advanced helping us achieve this dream.

HMMH Consulting

“ Olery dashboard offered insightful findings from day one on how destinations are viewed by customers from different countries, and which channels the customers prefer. As part of the destination knowledge management development, the Dashboard and Insights offer an important view especially to restaurants and attractions, where there is no other current data available. With international travel returning we now follow the key market development timely before official statistics are available. Sentiment analysis for destination and for properties give a valuable snapshot on areas to focus for further research and development.“ Hanna Lak, owner, HMMH Consulting

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Customer Feedback

The Challenge:

While we frequently received feedback through traditional channels like suggestion boxes and occasional surveys, this data was often limited in scope and outdated by the time it reached our desks. We needed a more timely and comprehensive understanding of what visitors and locals felt about our attractions.

The Solution:

Enter Olery. With their advanced data collection methods, we gained access to reviews from various platforms, providing us a broader view of sentiments. The structured analytics dashboard allowed us to filter feedback based on specific attractions, revealing patterns we had previously missed.

The AI-generated customer insights were particularly revealing. On one occasion, the AI flagged a negative sentiment trend regarding one of our historical sites. This timely information allowed us to investigate and discover that the site had accessibility issues that were previously overlooked.

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As a destination, why choose Olery?

  1. Largest reputation data database with more than 8 million hospitality properties
  2. Reliable data professional
  3. Sentiment analysis supporting 15 languages, industry granularity for the travel vertical
  4. API first strategy, enabling our partners to create business critical information and solutions
  5. IP to the lexicons of the unique Sentiment Ratings and Sub-Ratings

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