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Be creative with QR Codes

Olery Feedback allows you to generate QR codes to distribute surveys to your guests. Here are some useful tips on how to use them in a hotel QR Codes are really cool instruments to embed in your marketing strategy. Improves the way you engage with your guests and create a unique


Travel APIs – (discover & contribute)

APIs and data feeds are the lifeblood of the travel industry. They power everything from selling flight tickets to beautiful map-based travel guides. Think about it. It’s amazing that entrepreneurs can make use of all the existing infrastructure and data to build exciting new things on top of it. Want


7 Tips Hotels Need to Know About Partnering with Wholesalers

As with any relationship, establishing and maintaining a successful partnership with a wholesale product provider in the hospitality industry requires diligence. Yet, too often, because hotel executives have so many other competing priorities, the research around finding the best wholesalers might fall through the cracks.