5 tips to manage your hotel’s video strategy

video tips for hotels

There is no doubt that video is one of the most effective and fast- growing strategies for content marketing. The percentage increase of use grew from 54% in 2011, to 70% percent in 2012.  By 2014, video is predicted to reach 90% of all web traffic as we told you in our previous post. In that article, we discussed why video is important in your hotel marketing, how you can use it in formal and informal marketing, and the kinds of video that you can shoot.

Managing your Video Strategy

Today we are going to look at your video strategy.

1.    Purpose

What is the purpose of your video?  Do you want to:

  • Sell rooms?
  • Generate guest leads?
  • Build brand awareness?
  • Demonstrate a new service?
  • Showcase your property through your guests’ eyes?

The following video illustrates this last bullet…

2.    Style

The video format you choose will enhance your video’s purpose.

  • Time-lapse (e.g. of a remodeling process). Make a slide show of your progress photos into a video
  • Take a 360° video to show off your rooms
  • Talking head – e.g. members of your hotel Executive Managers talking to business guests, as if they were in the same office or on a stage at a conference.
  • Demonstration –  show on your screen live, or using screen shots (e.g. how to use the new fitness equipment)
  • Informal videos posted by guests.

3.    Type

Vary your videos by using different types, such as:

  • On-location – at an event that you host or sponsor. Perhaps at a BBQ on the beach or by the pool
  • Your guests would love to see a behind-the-scenes documentary of your hotel’s operation. How about taking your video camera into the kitchens, or to the laundry to see what happens to your sheets and towels
  • Product demo. Are you providing iPads on the counter for your guests? Why don’t you shoot a short video about how to use them
  • Staff interviews (make these fun if it is appropriate e.g. the Recreational Director)

This (Dutch) video of one of our customers shows all areas of the hotel with staff and guests interacting and features a combination of several of the different types.

4.    Tone and Finish

Think about the tone of your video, and how it will affect the finished product. Is your video for corporate guests or for families? So do you plan a formal businesslike approach or an informal creative one? For those same audiences, would you have a humorous or a serious approach? For a couple’s retreat weekend, you might want your video to be creative, and more serious than a family video, yet much lighter than one for your business audience.

The finishing touches can make or break a video

  • What kind of background music will you use (if any)? Will the only sound simply be a voiceover?
  • What is the dominant language? When you have an international audience, you need to think about language and subtitles or the ability to have instant translation
  • Shoot activities in different locations around your property.
  • Seasonal events – filmed in the same location throughout the year with the appropriate seasonal decorations
  • Video different events and meetings that you host or handle – as long as the organizers give you permission.

5.    Make a series

A series will bring your viewers back to your site or channel.

Remember… You do not need to have a top film crew for a Hollywood-type production, often the most effective and marketable videos are produced by amateurs! Simply be authentic and true to your hotel’s unique personality.

Image (cc): Jon Rawlinson

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