Announcing the Olery Hotel Review Data API

It’s been a long time since the launch of Olery Reputation in 2011. We set out to create a powerful and intuitive online reputation management solution and are proud to call many hotels all over the world our customers.

Expanding internationally isn’t always easy. The amount of reviews to analyze is rising exponentially and we are constantly adding new review sources. To be able to keep up with the growth we build a pretty advanced platform to capture, analyze and process thousands of reviews every day.

We are very excited to announce that from now on you can access this platform via the Olery Review Data API to enhance or even build your own application with review data from millions of travelers.

Incorporate Review Data

There are almost no limitations to how this data can be employed. It can be turned into a report on performance of a single hotel or whole country, it can power a reputation management solution or increase conversion on a hotel deal site.

What is accessible?

  • Millions of analyzed reviews from more than 100 websites for hotels worldwide
  • Aggregated ratings on topics like location, cleanliness and many more
  • Sentiment analysis on topics mentioned in the written review text
  • Historical data for the past years
  • Our own scientifically backed hotel quality indicator, the Guest Experience Index

This data can answer questions like…

  • What influence did the renovation of the rooms have on the hotel’s ratings?
  • Are the luxury hotels of London as good as the ones in Paris?
  • Which is the best neighbourhood of Amsterdam to book a hotel in?

The answer to the last one you can find on the map below we put together in less than an hour.


If you interested in the API and want to learn more or contact us please visit our dedicated page.


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