An Intricate Look at Amsterdam Hotel Ratings By Various Traveler Groups

Millions of travelers from all around the world head to Netherland’s capital, Amsterdam, every year. Whether it’s as a tourist or for business, the majority of these travelers stay in hotels. After or during their stay these travelers often leave a rating of the hotel on one of many travel review websites which gives other travelers a better understanding of what Amsterdam’s hotels have to offer from a guest’s point of view.

With access to a tremendous amount of data from various travel-related review websites such as TripAdvisor,, and Zoover, the Olery team compiled fascinating, informative and intriguing charts that provide insight into the performance of hotels in Amsterdam. These charts take into consideration how the hotels are rated by different nationalities, travel type (business or leisure), and travel composition (single, couple, family, etc).

Which Nationalities Rate Amsterdam The Most?

Working with over 350,000 available ratings, Olery generated the Number of Ratings by Nationality pie chart which illustrates the ratings of hotels in Amsterdam by 130 different nationalities over a 12 month period. The top 25 nationalities are unsurprisingly dominated by European countries, with Brazil and Argentina interestingly making an appearance. With more than 53,000 ratings Great Britain is on top of the list making up 15% of the total number of ratings. Germany follows with 28,716 ratings which gives Great Britain a huge lead.


Number of Ratings by Nationality Pie Chart (click here to see the Tableau workbook) :

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 14.30.35

Using the data provided Olery went on to generate a side-by-side circles chart which compares the ratings of eight major nationalities – indicated by differently coloured circles – for every single hotel in Amsterdam. The charts also includes a solid grey line indicating the average rating of that specific hotel. Even though the chart is wide due to the high number of hotels, it is interesting to see the rating pattern for every nationality.


Analysis of Amsterdam Hotel Ratings – Various Charts (switch between different tabs)

[iframe src=”” width=”830″ height=”765″][/iframe]


Finally, we made a simple table as an overview of average ratings by the most notable nationalities. Again, Great Britain is among the top countries with a score of a little more than 7.9, just behind Israel. Seems like British are huge fans of Amsterdam. On the other end of the table, the lowest average overall rating of 7.27 comes from Germany. 

Business Travelers Have High Standards

Using the data collected on travel type, it is possible to distinguish between business and leisure travelers. Olery took a look at the difference in ratings by generating a scatter plot which clearly showed that business travelers are more strict when rating a hotel. On average business travelers gave a rating of 7.337, while leisure travelers had an average rating of 7.692. As the trend line indicates, the higher the hotel’s average rating, the narrower the gap between these two ratings is.

Couples Love Amsterdam 

From the data Olery also generated a Travel Composition pie chart  which illustrated which groups of travelers are the most prevalent among reviewers. The chart clearly showed that couples are the most prevalent with over 43% of ratings coming from this group. The group that rates the highest with an average rating of 7.95 is the ‘other’ travelers (groups, seniors, young adults, etc), while the lowest with an average rating of 7.02 are business travelers.

Want to do your own analysis?

With our recently launched Olery Review Data Exporter, you can obtain a CSV file with hotel ratings, which you can use to perform your own analysis. Check it out!

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