Olery congratulates Piek Vossen with prestigious Spinoza Award

One of the smart guys that helped Olery develop our state-of the-art sentiment analysis technology last Monday received the highest award in Dutch science: the NWO Spinoza Prize. This was announced by Jos Engelen, chairman of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The entire Olery team wants to congratulate Prof. dr. P.Th.J.M. Vossen (but we just call him Piek) for winning this prestigious award!

The Spinoza Prize

Apart from the great honour, Piek Vossen, together with the other laureates Physicist Mikhail Katsnelson, and chemist Bert Weckhuysen, will receive 2.5 million euros each to devote to scientific research. NWO each year awards the Spinoza Prizes to researchers in the Netherlands who compete with the absolute top of international science. The NWO Spinoza laureates perform outstanding and groundbreaking research that attracts widespread interest and are a source of inspiration to young researchers.

Piek Vossen is Professor of Computational Lexicology at the VU University Amsterdam. He combines linguistics and computer sciences to analyse linguistic phenomena using computer models. The research of Piek Vossen lays the foundation for many large and small projects in which language and technology are combined and he has led several multi-million euro projects in which researchers from different disciplines have been brought together. Amongst them are Olery’s sentiment analysis technology and the current developments in the OpeNER project.

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