Olery Supports Rails Girls Amsterdam Workshop

51 eager participants, 24 helpful coaches, a great workshop model and lots of food and drinks – that’s all you need for a successful Rails Girls weekend. Olery is proud to have been part of an amazing two day workshop of Rails Girls in Amsterdam in the beginning of June. Rails Girls is a non-profit volunteer community to help women with their first steps in the tech world. We took the chance to not only sponsor part of the workshop but also sent support in form of a coach.

Busy building apps

Unique workshop model

The unique workshop model contains an installation party and a workshop the following day. Starting with the Bentobox exercise, the girls learned some ‘tech talk’ to get a better understanding of the terms that are commonly used. HTML, Java, PHP shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Also the programming language Ruby was introduced. Then it was finally time to start coding with the open source web application framework Ruby on Rails. It’s an easy and fast way to set up web applications. The participants were divided into small groups of 2 or 3 girls, with each group having their very own coach. A few minutes later, everyone was hooked and involved in the world of strings, classes and commands. And if one of the girls got stuck, there was always a coach around to help right away.

Lightning Talks

Don’t be afraid to start coding

After lunch break 5 lightning talks from coaches helped the girls discover current issues and events in the tech world (e.g. which editor is the best or the Rails Girls Summer of Code). They also reduced some fears about working in a male dominated field. The most important message of the day: Don’t be afraid to start coding and never stop learning! There are lots of great tools out there to keep you going and involved in the tech world. The reward of being able to create things on your own is worth it.

Great atmosphere and organisation 

After the talks, everyone was even more motivated to get back to their code. Having such small teams and so many coaches, all girls were able to build their own web application at the end of day. Most of them didn’t even want to stop when organiser Lieke Boon called it a day. Thanks to her, all the coaches, sponsors and enthusiastic participants the Rails Girls Amsterdam event was a great success. Everything was running smoothly and a great learning environment was created.

Keep learning

For more information about future events follow @RailsGirls_AMS on Twitter.

More pictures of the event can be found here.

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