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10 may 2023

Celebrating 11 Years of Groundbreaking Tourism Research: The Legacy of the OpeNER Project at Olery

Greetings from Olery, your trusted partner in Destination and Hospitality data insights! As the COO here at Olery, I'm thrilled to share our celebration of an 11-year milestone: our ongoing participation in the transformative OpeNER Project.

Back in 2012, Olery joined forces with a consortium of esteemed European researchers and tech firms for an ambitious undertaking - the OpeNER Project (https://www.opener-project.eu/). Funded by the European Commission's FP7 program, the project sought to develop advanced natural language processing tools, readily accessible and adaptable for businesses. As we mark over a decade since its inception, the legacy of this initiative continues to shape our services in profound ways.

Our role in the project has been instrumental in the development and application of cutting-edge tools in sentiment analysis and opinion mining. These technologies have been vital in our work, allowing us to understand and interpret emotions within text data - a key component in our hotel reviews management.

The hospitality industry has seen an enormous surge in online reviews and social media presence over the years. Today, a single hotel review on an OTA hotel platform or a tweet about a stay can significantly sway potential customers. This is where the OpeNER Project and Olery's expertise come together.

At Olery, we do more than monitor a hotel, restaurants and Attractions online reputation; we delve into the heart of the data. We examine the numerical scores given by guests and critically analyse the sentiment in their written reviews. This gives our clients a holistic view of their service from real customer feedback - a feature central to our reputation management software.

The cross-lingual Named Entity Recognition and Classification (NERC) and Sentiment Analysis tools developed through the OpeNER project have been a revelation for the industry. We've been able to construct sentiment lexicons for multiple languages, enabling us to capture the nuanced sentiment of different cultures, an invaluable asset in tourism research.

These tools have significantly enriched our Travel API, providing hotel managers with nuanced insights into their online reputation and guiding more effective decision-making. From refining guest services based on feedback to tailoring marketing strategies that resonate with guest sentiment, the applications are both vast and impactful.

As we celebrate 11 years of the OpeNER project, we're reminded of its pivotal role in shaping Olery's journey. We're proud to share these benefits with the entire hospitality industry through our Dashboards, APIs and other innovative solutions.

For more insights into our work and the exciting developments happening at Olery, visit us at https://olery.com/. Here's to many more years of revolutionising the hospitality industry together!

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Robert Bishop COO/Olery

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