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12 sep 2022


The group can now confirm they provide hospital grade room disinfection, deep cleaning of all upholstery and carpets, with bedding washed and treated at high temperatures. The hospitality group created ALLSAFE in a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and is independently audited to ensure compliance with its rigorous standards”. https://bit.ly/3iOAcn2

“Hilton announced today a new program to deliver an industry-defining standard of cleanliness and disinfection in Hilton properties around the world. In a first for the hospitality business, Hilton will collaborate with RB, maker of Lysol and Dettol, and consult with Mayo Clinic to develop elevated processes and Team Member training to help Hilton guests enjoy an even cleaner and safer stay from check-in to check-out”. https://newsroom.hilton.com/corporate/news/hilton-defining-new-standard-of-cleanliness


13 minutes and 45 seconds that is what the average consumer spends reading reviews before making a decision. (BrightLocal, 2019) Reputation is a key influence and not only in the process of booking but more important in the way visitors experience the destination. In light of the recent developments around COVID-19, health, safety, and cleanliness are top of mind for travellers.

Using customer reviews to rate an establishment’s Pandemic Precautions, gives visitors, owners and destinations usable data for decision making when deciding which places are safer to visit. In a time when visitors are eager to be out visiting again, this score enables them to make more informed decisions on which hotels, destination, attractions and restaurants have the right precautions in place to keep them safe. 

Pandamic Precaution Score

The Pandemic Precaution Score uses visitors as the judge of how well an establishment or destination is doing in regards to the safety of its visitors. This real time information enables quicker decision making for the safety of your visitors and staff.

So, Olery can keeps track of your Pandemic Precaution reputation, in an easy to understand score. Use the Sentiment based Pandemic Precaution & Sanitary Safety Scores for your Destination or establishment.

Keep your visitors safe and build your reputation.

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