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Destination Insights

For Destinations & Tourism Authorities

Increase tourism and revenue in your destination.

Do you want to know how competing destinations are seen by their visitors? Do you want to increase the number of tourist? Do you want to find ways to make your destination stand out and increase revenue? Do you want to know what target regions are for tourists?

Get insightful data, act smarter and create more value for your guests. Make data-driven business decisions for your destination. Know your competing destinations as seen by their visitors. Make your destination stand out and target new regions for tourists.

Increase tourism and revenue in your destination.
Understand your visitors

Understand your visitors

Gain traveler insights based on reviews provide much more than only ratings. They can uncover the reasons why visitors come to your destination, their activities, age and origin much more. Our real-time destination insights platform is the perfect addition to your conventional tourism research. Optimise your business based on guest input.

Monitor your Destination

Utilising our world beating sentiment analysis tool, we can dive deep into written reviews and extract how well your establishments in your region are perceived online. Monitor your destination with our API or SDK or reports & online tools. It tells you what the strengths and weaknesses are.  Uncover which properties are hurting the reputation of your destination and jointly work on improving the guest satisfaction. 

It will show topics like:

  • Number of reviews & ratings
  • Travel composition (solo, family, friends, business, …)
  • Identify trends and preferences
  • Sentiment for various topics: cleanliness, FnB, location, etc
  • And much more
Monitor your Destination
Sanitary Safety Score & Pandemic Precaution Score

Sanitary Safety Score & Pandemic Precaution Score

Keep track of your Pandemic Precatition reputation using our Sentiment based Pandemic Precaution & Sanitary Safety Scores. In an easy to understand score, we give you the ability to monitor your nation, regional, city and establishment. Keep your visitors safe and build your reputation. 

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Banks & Real Estate

Analyze assets and locations by what guests think and how they rate the location or business.

Hospitality Groups / Chains

Make use of review and reputation data right in your internal systems. Enforce group quality standards and implement your custom reporting.

Destination Marketing

Get input from guest without conducting expensive surveys. Identify trends and preferences. Help the reputation of low-scoring businesses.