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Retail Insights

Keep on top of your Sanitary Reputation

On-demand retail insights

Olery Retail Insights gives you an easy to use dashboard with all your properties insights in just one overview. Monitor the performance of your store or chain of stores and your consumers opinions. Take informed actions based on analysis of your consumer reviews and ratings. Consumer data tells a lot about the behavior and motivation of consumers. Olery Retail insights is a cooperation between Olery and Retail Result

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Consumer driven decisions

Do you want to get more value from your consumers? Do you want to optimise your business and keep track of your online Sanitary Reputation? We analyse everything that is written about your online Brand. Ranging from reviews online, opinions, comments and other data collected. With Retail Insights from Olery & Retail Results we give your business the opportunity to get smart insights and act smarter and be more agile. Retail insights allow you to make solid decisions based on current and reliable information.

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Banks & Real Estate

Analyze assets and locations by what consumers think and how they rate the shopping experience.

Destination Marketing

Get input from consumers without conducting expensive surveys. Identify trends and preferences about what consumers mention about retail. Help the reputation of low-scoring retail businesses.

Hospitality Groups / Chains

Base your decisions on data right from consumers.  Receive periodical reports or conduct in-depth analyze on what consumers mention about the retail in the hospitality location.

Hospitality Suppliers

Retail reviews reveal a lot about the location.  Where the right supermarkt is, what consumers like or dislike. Use data to identify possibilities and boost your business. 


Conduct research based on large, structured data sets from Retail Insights. 

Retail or Retail Chains

Monitor your store based on ratings from consumers. Identify under- and over-performing businesses. Increase your overall reputation. Benchmark with other retail shops.