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12 sep 2022

Creating a Decision-Making tool for partners

Olery partners know that the power of machine learning, to predict that a dataset created tailor-made for will bring the best results

Creating a new sentiment rating system (1-10) Olery has moved sentiment from being a scary unactionable source of information to being an integral part of #Hospitality #Reputation #Data. Sentiment Analysis is the future industry standard of data collection within the Hospitality Industry.

  • Identify trends based on keywords – (Act on potential problems quicker)
  • Vertical Specific – #Accommodations, #Restaurants and #Attractions gain an immense amount of new actionable insights.
  • Flexibility to create your own Sentiment Ratings – Sustainable Travel, why not track your progress by monitoring keywords let in written reviews.
  • Provides more insight and flexibility than numerical ratings. Let your guest openly write their experience and then analyse, rather than have them rate a predefined area.
  • Mapped to Traditional Numerical Ratings. This allows for the very first time an easy to combine holistic view. Combine cleanliness, Numerical and Sentiment ratings for unparalleled insights.
  • Native Language analysis on 15+ languages – English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

We know that the need for recent and relevant review data is key.

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