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01 nov 2022

About HMMH Consulting OY

Located in Finland HMMH Consulting provides the Hospitality Industry within the Nordic region with an in-depth analysis on the impact of Tourism within Destinations.

In efforts to understand traveller needs better we have found several interesting insights with Olery’s service. The differences in views between accommodation, attractions and restaurants also provides great value to our industry where accommodation data is nearly all we have. We keep finding new ways to use the data all the time. "

The dashboard ratings data allows us to split and dice the reviews and benchmark data in countless ways to meet our varying needs and truly reveal the source of good reviews and potential areas for development. I would recommend the Dashboard to anyone who is interested in understanding and improving the destination #traveller experience, receiving data to support marketing decisions and help meeting customer needs through service development.

Working with the Olery team has been easy, our enquiries are always met promptly and in a friendly manner. The teams’ eagerness to keep improving the service is also appreciated.

Hanna Lak



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