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12 apr 2024

In today’s data-driven world, the hospitality industry stands to gain significantly from insights derived through analytics. Businesses that leverage data analytics effectively can enhance operational efficiency, improve guest satisfaction, and boost revenues. However, interpreting these analytics can often seem daunting. Here, we simplify this process and show how tools like Olery's data analytics platform can transform raw data into actionable insights.

Understanding the Scope of Data Analytics

Data analytics involves examining raw data to draw conclusions and identify patterns. In the hospitality context, this can range from guest feedback on platforms like Booking.com and TripAdvisor to in-house metrics such as occupancy rates and average daily rates. Olery collects comprehensive data sets across various platforms, ensuring a holistic view of a property’s online reputation and operational successes or areas needing attention.

Step 1: Collecting the Right Data

The first step in leveraging data analytics is gathering data comprehensively and accurately. This includes:

Guest Reviews and Ratings: Collect reviews from multiple sources (e.g., Google, Expedia, etc) to understand different guest experiences and sentiments.

Competitive Analysis: Use benchmarking tools to compare your services with competitors, focusing on similar markets or locales.

Olery’s platform excels here by integrating data from over 50 review sites worldwide, providing a rich, aggregated source of guest feedback that is continuously updated.

Step 2: Analyzing the Data

Once data is collected, the next step is analysis. This is where #analytical tools and software come into play, turning raw data into comprehensible metrics that can inform business strategies. Key processes include:

Sentiment Analysis: Identifying the tone and emotions in guest reviews to gauge overall satisfaction levels. Olery’s Sentiment Analysis tool, for instance, breaks down feedback into positive, neutral, or negative sentiments and scores them, helping properties understand guest perceptions in detail.

Trend Analysis: Looking at data over a specific period to identify trends or patterns. This might involve analyzing booking rates across seasons to plan for peak times effectively.

Predictive Analytics: Using historical data to make predictions about future trends. This can help hotels anticipate demand fluctuations and adjust pricing or promotional strategies accordingly.

Step 3: Reporting and Decision-Making

The final step is compiling the analyses into understandable reports that can drive decision-making. Effective reports should highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) such as guest satisfaction scores, occupancy rates, and competitive benchmarks.

Dashboards: Platforms like Olery provide dynamic dashboards that offer real-time insights into various metrics, allowing hotel managers to make quick and informed decisions.

Custom Reports: Generate tailored reports that focus on specific aspects like guest demographics, sentiment #trends, or revenue management. These can help pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

Utilizing Olery’s Tools for Enhanced Interpretation

Olery’s analytics tools are designed to simplify the interpretation process. For example, the Traveller Experience Score (TES) combines numerical ratings and sentiment analysis to provide a straightforward metric of guest experience, distilled from complex data sets.

The# Reputation Management Dashboard further allows properties to monitor their operational KPIs, compare them with industry benchmarks, and track improvements or declines in service quality or guest satisfaction.


Interpreting data analytics in the hospitality industry does not have to be overwhelming. By systematically collecting data, analyzing it with the right tools, and using detailed reports, businesses can make informed decisions that enhance guest experiences and improve operational efficiencies. Platforms like Olery not only simplify these processes but also provide insights that might be overlooked when manually handling data, making them indispensable tools for any hospitality business aiming to thrive in a competitive market.


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