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07 feb 2024

In the bustling realm of the tourism industry, a subtle shift in traveller sentiment can spark major changes. With the massive amounts of feedback from hotel reviews, attraction comments, and restaurant feedback, it becomes an arduous task to sieve through the haystack of data for those invaluable needles of insights. Enter 'Trends' - our latest innovation in tourism data analysis.

Trends doesn't just look at ratings. It dives deeper, analysing the various subcategories that travellers discuss - from the lighting in a room to the efficiency of a hotel’s check-in process. By using sophisticated #sentiment analysis tourism tools, it categorises feedback into positive, neutral, or negative sentiments. And then? It further refines this data, providing ratings based on the vast range of topics that fall under these sentiments.

Consider this theoretical scenario: A hotel in Paris notices a decline in its bookings. They turn to 'Trends' for insights. What they find is not just a general decline in their reputation but a specific issue. Guests, while loving the decor and ambience, are consistently giving negative #feedback about the humidity in rooms. With this hospitality data, the hotel immediately takes action, rectifying the issue, and even pushing a marketing campaign around their improved in-room experience.

The result? Bookings shoot up, and past guests even return, appreciating the hotel’s proactive approach. All because of insights from 'Trends'.

For a #hotel API provider or a destination striving for excellence, it's not enough to just know the overall sentiment. It's about understanding the granular details, the minute shifts that can dictate a traveller's choice. It's about benchmark #hospitality based on actual data, not assumptions. 'Trends' gives organisations that edge, offering data so precise that it practically serves the strategy on a platter.

With the world steadily marching towards AI data analysis, having a tool like 'Trends' offers destinations, online travel agents, and consultants an unparalleled advantage. Ai in hospitality is no longer the future; it's the present. And with tools like 'Trends' stemming from our robust analytics dashboard and comprehensive data visualization tools, we are at the forefront of this revolution.

For those invested in the future of the tourism industry, from hotel survey aficionados to those knee-deep in tourism industry reports, 'Trends' is a game-changer. A powerful addition to our repertoire, it seamlessly integrates with our #API tourism, survey solution, and offers unprecedented predictive data analytics.

If you're in the business of #reputation management, aiming to elevate the experiences you offer or simply aiming to gain deeper tourism insights, it's time to look beyond mere ratings. It's time to understand the trends that truly matter.

Explore 'Trends' today. Revolutionise tomorrow.


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