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17 jan 2024

In a digital age where data speaks volumes, understanding subtle shifts and patterns becomes invaluable for decision-makers across industries, notably in the dynamic world of tourism. Enter Olery's recently launched product - Trends. Crafted with precision, it provides users with transformative insights, all hinged on pre-set data triggers. In a world swamped with generic tourism data analysis, Trends stands out, offering unique perspectives that can lead to proactive decision-making.

Consider, for instance, a hotel chain looking to optimise their guest experience. By leveraging the Trends feature, they are alerted the moment sentiment scores around 'Cleanliness' start showing a negative drift. Such #sentiment analysis tourism specifics allow the hotel to swiftly address cleanliness concerns, refining their services and ensuring consistently high guest satisfaction.

For an online travel agent, recognising hospitality trends in real-time can be game-changing. Instead of relying on broad tourism industry reports, the granularity of Trends helps them recognise patterns, such as a spike in positive sentiment around a specific location's 'Ambience'. This can be a signal to promote that #destination, aligning marketing strategies with real-time guest feedback.

But Olery's #Trends isn't just about the hospitality data; it's about the narrative behind it. As a leading hotel API provider, we pride ourselves on offering robust data solutions. With the analytics dashboard tailored for Trends, data visualization becomes lucid, making complex patterns comprehensible. It's no longer just about benchmark hospitality; it's about setting new standards.

What does this mean for #reputation management consultants? A goldmine of insights! The predictive analytics and predictive data analytics capabilities of Trends allow for a deep dive into nuances, from hotel survey feedback to restaurant #survey sentiments. This is analytical consulting redefined.

In the face of a competitive market, how does one ensure they're not just reacting, but anticipating? Predictive modeling from the Trends feature is the answer. By harnessing ai in hospitality, businesses can now stay one step ahead, tapping into the pulse of customer sentiment even before it becomes a widespread trend.

So, for destinations or businesses hungry for ai data analysis that goes beyond the generic, for those eager to set new benchmarks and pioneer in reputation management, the answer is simple: The Trends feature by Olery. It's not just another data provider tool; it's a revolution.

Step into the future with Olery's Trends – where ai consulting meets genuine tourism insights, where every decision is backed by data, and where the future of the tourism industry is being written, one trend at a time.

Don't just follow the tide; anticipate it. Dive into the future of business intelligence with Olery's Trends.


Your trusted partner in Tourism Data Analysis and Hospitality Insights.

Find out more about making the best of your business with our reputation management tools at Olery www.olery.com and stay ahead of the game!

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