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15 dec 2023

Amusement parks – places where joy, excitement, and memories are crafted. But in today's digital age, how can these hubs of entertainment truly understand their visitors and optimise the value they provide? The answer lies in tourism data analysis.

Introducing Trends, our latest product tailored for the hospitality sector. Through cutting-edge sentiment analysis tourism, Trends provides actionable #insights by examining visitor feedback on various parameters, with a spotlight on our sentiment rating, 'value for money'.

Harnessing Sentiment to Drive Value

Imagine a hypothetical amusement park called 'JoyLand'. After a significant investment in a new roller coaster, JoyLand expected a surge in ticket sales. However, online reviews revealed a different story. While guests loved the new attraction, many felt the ticket price didn't align with the overall experience, impacting the 'value for money' sentiment.

By leveraging Trends and our analytics dashboard, JoyLand quickly pinpointed the concern. Not only did this offer a clearer understanding via data visualization, but it provided a foundation for proactive measures.

Responding to this ai data analysis, JoyLand introduced a mid-day ticket, granting access during off-peak hours at a reduced rate. This innovative solution addressed the 'value for money' sentiment, resulting in boosted sales and enhanced guest satisfaction.

Why Choose Trends?

In the vast realm of hospitality data, having a tool that offers predictive analytics and predictive data analytics is invaluable. Trends goes beyond being just another #hotel API provider or source of tourism industry reports. It's a holistic data solution, offering:

Comprehensive analytics dashboard for a visual breakdown.

Proactive reputation management tools for actionable feedback.

Predictive modeling to forecast and address emerging concerns.

Whether you're looking to dive deep into #hotel data, procure restaurant survey insights, or simply want a reliable data provider, our platform, enriched by Trends, stands out.


Today's amusement park decision-makers need more than traditional business intelligence. They require tools that are intuitive, timely, and tailored. With Trends, we offer just that - a survey solution that's revolutionising hospitality trends and guiding parks like JoyLand to make data-driven decisions for a brighter, more profitable future.

Tap into the future of ai in hospitality with #Trends. Let's shape memorable experiences together.


Your trusted partner in Tourism Data Analysis and Hospitality Insights.

Find out more about making the best of your business with our reputation management tools at Olery www.olery.com and stay ahead of the game!

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