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19 apr 2024

In the hospitality industry, understanding guest feedback is pivotal to enhancing service quality and guest satisfaction. This understanding typically comes through two primary channels: numerical ratings and sentiment analysis. However, these two feedback mechanisms often paint very different pictures of guest experiences. Here, we delve into why these discrepancies occur and how leveraging both perspectives with Olery's cutting-edge tools can provide a comprehensive view of guest satisfaction.

The Nature of Numerical Ratings

Numerical ratings are straightforward. Guests score aspects of their #experience (like cleanliness, location, and service) on a scale, typically from 1 to 10 or 1 to 5. These scores are quantitative and provide a clear, albeit simplistic view of guest satisfaction. The precision of numerical ratings, such as those collated from platforms like TripAdvisor, Google, and Booking.com, offers an aggregated sense of performance metrics at a glance​​.

However, numerical ratings can be limiting. They offer a snapshot of satisfaction levels but fail to capture the nuances behind the scores. A guest might rate a hotel's service 8 out of 10 but without explanatory comments, the reasons for deducting two points remain unknown. Was it due to slow check-in, unavailability of amenities, or something else? #Numerical ratings alone don't tell the whole story.

The Insight from Sentiment Reviews

This is where sentiment analysis comes in. Unlike numerical ratings, sentiment reviews dive deep into the textual feedback provided by guests. They analyze the tone, context, and specifics of what guests mention in their reviews. Using Olery’s Sentiment Analysis Tool, especially the advanced Sentiment V2, properties can dissect feedback to identify not just what was right or wrong, but also the intensity and emotional context of the #feedback​​.

For instance, a guest's comment like "The staff were helpful but overwhelmed at times" would be scored positively for staff helpfulness but might also flag an issue with staff adequacy during peak times. Olery's tool uniquely distinguishes these nuances, converting qualitative data into actionable insights that can guide operational improvements.

Why the Discrepancy?

Scope of Feedback:

Numerical Ratings: Typically limited to specific aspects like location, cleanliness, etc.

Sentiment Reviews: Broader, covering everything expressed in the text, from specific complaints to praises.

Depth of Information:

Numerical Ratings: Surface-level, does not explain 'why' a score was given.

Sentiment Reviews: Deep dive, explaining 'why' something was good or bad based on guest sentiment.

Response to Changes:

Numerical Ratings: Can be slow to reflect improvements or declines as they average out over time.

Sentiment Reviews: More agile, quickly reflecting changes in guest experiences and perceptions.

Bridging the Gap with Olery

Understanding the strengths of both numerical and sentiment analysis is key to a holistic reputation management strategy. Olery’s tools are designed to integrate these insights seamlessly:

Olery Reputation Management Dashboard: Tracks both numerical and sentiment ratings, allowing properties to monitor their performance and pinpoint areas for improvement​​.

Olery Sentiment Analysis V2: Enhances the granularity of feedback analysis, ensuring no nuance of guest sentiment is missed, from detailed sentiment scores on specific aspects like food and beverages to overall service quality​​.

By synthesizing information from both types of reviews, hoteliers can not only understand what guests are saying but also why they are saying it, offering a dual lens through which operational strategies can be refined.


In conclusion, while numerical ratings give a quick snapshot of guest satisfaction, sentiment reviews provide the context and depth needed to truly understand guest experiences. For hoteliers aiming to elevate their service quality and enhance guest satisfaction, integrating both feedback mechanisms using sophisticated tools like those offered by Olery not only makes sense but is essential. Embrace the dual approach to unlock a more detailed and actionable understanding of your guest feedback today.


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