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09 feb 2024

As seasoned travellers, we've always been told that the journey matters more than the destination. But when it comes to culinary tourism, both the journey and the meal at the end play pivotal roles. Delving deep into foreign cultures, tasting their heritage through unique dishes, is an experience that remains unparalleled. So, what are some of the strangest foods we've dared to try on our global expeditions?

In Japan, the fugu or pufferfish, a delicacy that can be deadly if prepared incorrectly, offers an adrenaline-packed dining experience. Its intoxicating allure has made it a must-try for daring gourmands.

In Iceland, fermented shark, known as hákarl, is a test of one's palate and stomach. Aged in the ground and hung to dry, its ammonia-rich aroma is unforgettable, an iconic testament to the nation's resilience and innovation.

Moving to Southeast Asia, Cambodia's fried tarantulas have become a crunchy snack for the brave. These eight-legged treats are seasoned and fried to perfection, providing an unexpected burst of flavour with each bite.

And who could forget France's escargot? These tender snails, drenched in garlic butter, serve as a sophisticated dish that's both rich in history and taste.

For those in the hospitality data and tourism industry, these unique dishes offer more than just a meal. They present an opportunity. Each dish, with its distinct taste and backstory, provides invaluable tourism insights. Such culinary experiences shape the reputation of #destinations, influencing tourists' choices and sentiments.

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, the need for accurate tourism #data analysis and #sentiment analysis in tourism has never been more evident. In a space where a single hotel review or a tweet about an exotic dish can sway potential visitors, understanding the underlying sentiments becomes paramount.

Enter our newly launched product - Trends. This feature, built upon rigorous ai data analysis and predictive analytics, offers stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality sectors a deep dive into emerging patterns. Whether you're a #hotel API provider, engaged in analytical consulting, or someone looking to benchmark hospitality standards, Trends offers a data solution tailored to your needs. By merging the worlds of culinary wonders and cutting-edge data visualization, we provide a holistic view of the ever-evolving landscape of travel and enjoyment.

For destinations, online travel agents, and reputation management consultants, embracing such advanced analytics dashboards and #predictive data analytics is no longer a choice—it's a necessity. With Olery's expertise, you're not just staying ahead of the curve; you're shaping it.

Experience, analyse, evolve. Dive into the world of Trends.


Your trusted partner in Tourism Data Analysis and Hospitality Insights.

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