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30 oct 2023

Anyone who's ventured abroad knows that language barriers can result in some truly memorable moments. From ordering what we think is chicken only to be served something entirely different, to getting hilariously lost due to miscommunication, the world of travel is filled with delightful linguistic surprises.

The French Faux Pas: While visiting a quaint café in Paris, a friend of mine wanted to compliment the chef. He confidently said, "Je suis chaud!" thinking he was saying, "It's hot!" referring to the delicious soup he'd just tasted. Instead, he had declared, "I am hot!" to the entire restaurant, causing quite a bit of laughter.

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Spanish Slip-Ups: A trip to Spain had one traveller requesting "embarazada" thinking they were expressing their embarrassment. Instead, they had announced they were pregnant!

Gelato Goof in Italy: A family on holiday in Italy spotted a gelato shop and decided to order. They meticulously used their tourism data analysis app to translate flavours, only to realise later that "frutti di bosco" was not "fruits of the box", but rather a delightful "wild berry" flavour.

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These anecdotes remind us that while sometimes we might get lost in translation, it's all a part of the enriching experience of travel. It's these very stories that add depth to the #sentiment analysis tourism agencies conduct. Every review, comment, or feedback shared online carries with it a world of emotions, experiences, and sometimes hilarious misunderstandings.

And as the #hospitality data evolves, so does our understanding of global tourists. We, at Olery, embrace these stories and much more. Our hotel API provider services capture the essence of hotel data, and our analytics dashboard paints a clear picture of benchmark hospitality. The tourism industry reports we produce are not just numbers but narratives of countless travellers.

Which brings us to our newest innovation: #Trends. This powerful feature captures shifts in hospitality trends using predictive data analytics. Whether it's a sudden surge in positive reviews for a hotel or a dip in satisfaction rates at a popular restaurant, Trends captures it all. With this tool, destinations, online travel agents, and #reputation management consultants can gain unparalleled tourism insights. So, the next time a traveller mistakenly orders something entirely unexpected off the menu, not only does it become a story to remember but also a valuable data point in shaping the future of hospitality.


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