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29 jan 2024

There's a new safari in town and it doesn't involve the Big Five or waking up at dawn. Enter the world of Selfie Safaris, a global phenomenon where travellers, influencers, and adventure seekers hunt for the planet's most mesmerising backdrops, all in pursuit of the perfect selfie.

Let's start in the heart of Paris, where the Eiffel Tower has long held its own as an iconic backdrop. With the shimmering Seine flowing beside and the city lights creating a soft glow, it’s no wonder this spot tops the charts in tourism data analysis. Moving east, the colourful streets of Chefchaouen in Morocco have given many an Instagram feed a pop of striking blue, making it a hotspot in any sentiment analysis tourism guide.

Island-hopping? Bali’s swing over the terraced rice paddies offers not only a thrilling ride but also a scenic capture that screams 'vacation goals'. No wonder Bali tops the hospitality data charts year after year. For those looking to immerse in urban landscapes, Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing is a dance of organised chaos, a sea of people and a neon spectacle all in one. It's a data solution dream for any #hotel API provider, with so many hotel data points to consider!

Now, for something truly over-the-top. The Sky Ladder in Zhangjiajie, China might not be for the faint-hearted, but it is the pinnacle of benchmark hospitality adventures. A glass bridge strung across two mountains, its vertigo-inducing views provide the kind of adrenaline most of us only experience when examining tourism industry reports after a boom season.

Of course, with the rise of this trend, analytical consulting firms have been buzzing with excitement. The analytics dashboard lights up every time a new hotspot emerges, making it a feast for business intelligence enthusiasts. These spots are not just a treat for the eyes, but they also offer rich data visualization opportunities. Given the power of predictive analytics, it's only a matter of time before new destinations rise up the charts.

And now, a nod to our latest feather in the cap – our newly launched 'Trends'. At Olery, we don't just stop at providing a snapshot of the present. With our advanced AI data analysis, we delve deep into the currents of change, predicting where the winds will take the hospitality industry next. Whether you're a stakeholder in a swanky downtown hotel, a picturesque restaurant by the beach, or a bustling tourism centre, our 'Trends' feature offers a glimpse into the future. Harness the potential of predictive data analytics and stay ahead of the curve with #Olery's 'Trends', tailored just for the tourism and hospitality sectors. Stay ahead, stay informed, and above all, stay fabulous in those selfies!


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