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15 jan 2024

Travel is never short of surprises. While meticulously planned itineraries and prior research might offer a sense of control, it’s often the unplanned moments that lead to the most memorable stories. Whether you're in the tourism data analysis sector, a jet-setting CEO, or a reputation management expert, these tales are bound to resonate. So, fasten your seatbelt as we delve into three of our top unexpected adventures.

The Great Gelato Incident

While Venice is known for its winding canals, majestic gondolas, and splendid piazzas, an innocent quest for gelato led to an unparalleled adventure. Desiring a scoop of stracciatella, a traveller inadvertently ended up on a boat headed for the nearby island of Murano. While originally seeking a simple treat, they were instead greeted with a vibrant display of glassblowing, an art the island is famed for. Talk about sweetening the deal with an unexpected detour!

The Boutique Hotel That Wasn't

If you're in the hotel data sector or utilise an analytics dashboard for business intelligence, you'd appreciate the value of accurate information. One adventurous couple, having booked what they believed was a quaint boutique #hotel in Tokyo, found themselves staying in a traditional ryokan instead. With no prior experience, they learnt the customs of shared baths, tatami mat sleeping and authentic Japanese dining, giving them a story and experience that was so much richer than they'd imagined.

The Mystery of the Missing Suitcase

While many a traveller's worst nightmare, this tale turns the typical lost luggage story on its head. Landing in colourful Barcelona and discovering a missing suitcase, one tourist made use of the predictive data analytics from their travel app to seek out local shops for essentials. This unexpected shopping spree not only led to a fresh wardrobe but also introduced them to delightful local markets and tapas bars that weren't on the original itinerary.

While we may chuckle at these mishaps, they serve as delightful reminders of the unpredictable nature of travel. And speaking of predicting, if you're involved in the hospitality sector, you're likely familiar with the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Olery's newly launched product, Trends, is set to revolutionise how we perceive hospitality trends. With ai data analysis and sentiment analysis tourism tools, Trends offers nuanced insights into the ever-evolving world of travel. Now, destinations, online travel agents, and reputation management consultants can get actionable, data-driven #feedback on the pulse of the industry. So next time you find yourself in an unexpected adventure, remember: it's not just about the journey but also the insights you gather along the way.Olery

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